Ultimate Plantar Fascia Sock - UP5800

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Ultimate Plantar Fascia Sock - UP5800

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Introducing our Plantar Fasciitis Overnight Relief Sock, designed to provide you with a restful night's sleep while alleviating the discomfort associated with Plantar Fasciitis. Say goodbye to morning heel pain and inflammation with this comfortable knee-length sock.

By wearing this sock overnight, you'll experience a significant reduction in the tightness of your plantar fascia and calf muscles. This means that when you step out of bed the next morning, your fascia won't exert as much pressure on your heel attachment point. The result? Less inflammation, decreased degeneration, and reduced pain.

Key Features:

  • Designed for night-time wear to combat the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.
  • An adjustable strap gently elevates the toe end of your foot, providing a mild stretch to the Plantar Fascia as you sleep.
  • Prolonged stretching throughout the night allows your tissues to heal and repair in a more favorable position, effectively reducing Plantar Fasciitis symptoms and associated heel pain.
  • Customized design minimizes bunching for comfortable extended wear.
  • Each pack includes one sock.
  • Suitable for both left and right feet.

Product Support Level:

  • Support Level 3: Pro

Our support levels are categorized into four tiers, offering guidance on the level of support each product provides: Basic / Moderate / Pro / Maximum.

Technical Information:

  • A long-term rehabilitation tool specifically tailored for Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Provides a comfortable fit for overnight wear without disrupting your sleep.
  • Bi-lateral design, suitable for use on either the left or right side.
  • Support Level 3

WEAR INSTRUCTIONS: Undo Velcro fastener.  Place stocking over foot and pull up towards the knee.  Ensure it fits smoothly with no wrinkles,  D-ring goes to the front. Gather any slack around the ankle.  Fasten the upper Velcro strap lightly round the leg below the knee. Fasten the strap through the D-ring, and tension so the toes are “just” off the floor when the foot is flat on the floor.  DO NOT over-tension (dorsi-flex) the foot as this will lead to discomfort over night.

Contains natural rubber latex: may cause allergic reaction in some users.  If skin reaction occurs or pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.