Head Radical Pro 2023 Tennis Racket
Head Radical Pro 2023 Tennis Racket
Head Radical Pro 2023 Tennis Racket


Head Radical Pro 2023 Tennis Racket

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HEAD Radical PRO Tennis Racket: A Player's Dream Come True

The HEAD Radical PRO is not just any tennis racket; it's a manifestation of HEAD's commitment to advancing the sport. Infused with groundbreaking technologies and a design that catches the eye, it promises to amplify the skills of tournament-level players, enabling them to showcase their versatility on the court.

Highlight Features:

  • Innovative Auxetic Technology: One of the standout features, the Auxetic technology ensures that the racquet reacts dynamically to different forces. Whether you're delivering a power-packed shot or returning a fast-paced ball, the racquet adapts to maximise your performance, ensuring a sublime feel with every shot.

  • Balanced Power and Control: The Variable Beam cross-section and the unique 16/19 string pattern are a testament to the racket's exceptional engineering. These features harmoniously combine to give players the power they desire without compromising on precision.

  • Graphene Inside: Considered a revolutionary material in various applications, Graphene finds its way into the Radical PRO, reinforcing the frame. The result? A racquet that doesn't just resist wear and tear but also optimally transfers energy, ensuring that every shot is impactful.

  • Sound Grommets for Enhanced Sensation: The sound grommets technology not only gives players more power by allowing greater string movement but also optimises the sound and vibration, providing a tactile and auditory feedback that can be a game-changer during crucial points.

  • The People's Racquet: The Radical series, fondly referred to as 'The People's Racquet', stands out not just for its performance but also its bold aesthetics. The new asymmetrical design is an embodiment of the modern tennis player – fearless, unique, and ready to make a statement.

If tennis is an art, then the HEAD Radical PRO is the brush that brings out the artist in every player. From its tech-infused build to its striking design, it's evident that this racket is meant for those who live and breathe the sport. For all-court players who dream of lifting the trophy, the Radical PRO could very well be the trusted partner they've been searching for.



WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG):315 g / 11.1 oz


HEAD SIZE:630 cm² / 98 in²


BALANCE:315 mm / 1 in HL

LENGTH:685 mm / 27.0 in

BEAM:20/21.5/21 mm