1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball - 6 Pack M608511


1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball - 6 Pack M608511

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1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball - 6 Pack M608511

1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball - 6 Pack (M608511)

Enhance your table tennis game with the 1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball, designed for consistent performance and durability. Perfect for training sessions and recreational play, this pack of six balls provides excellent value and quality.

Key Features:

ITTF Regulation Size: These balls conform to the official 40+ size and weight standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), ensuring a consistent playing experience.

Durable Poly Material: Made from high-quality poly material, these balls are designed to withstand rigorous play. The poly construction enhances durability, providing longer-lasting performance compared to traditional celluloid balls.

Consistent Bounce: Engineered for consistent bounce and reliable trajectory, the 1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Balls offer a uniform playing experience. This consistency helps players develop their skills and improve their game.

Smooth Seam: The balls feature a smooth seam for uniformity, which contributes to a predictable and accurate bounce. This design ensures that each ball plays the same, maintaining fairness in play.

Training and Recreational Use: Ideal for practice sessions and casual games, these balls are perfect for players of all skill levels. They offer a great balance of performance and durability, making them suitable for frequent use.

Pack of Six: This pack includes six balls, providing ample supply for training and matches. The multiple balls ensure you have enough for extended practice sessions and quick replacements during games.

Technical Specifications:

Material: High-quality poly material

Size: 40+ mm diameter (ITTF regulation size)

Quantity: 6 balls per pack

Rating: 1-Star (suitable for training and recreational play)

The 1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Ball - 6 Pack (M608511) is an excellent choice for players seeking reliable and durable table tennis balls for practice and recreational play. With their consistent bounce, durable construction, and ITTF regulation size, these balls provide a high-quality playing experience. Upgrade your training sessions and casual games with the 1-Star Elite Poly 40+ Balls and enjoy improved performance on the table.