Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Unstrung 2022 Free Restring (Unstrung)
Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Unstrung 2022 Free Restring (Unstrung)
Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Unstrung 2022 Free Restring (Unstrung)
Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Unstrung 2022 Free Restring (Unstrung)


Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Unstrung 2022 Free Restring (Unstrung)

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Experience the Power and Precision of the Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Tennis Racket!

Step onto the court with confidence, knowing that the Yonex Ezone 98 Tour is your weapon of choice. This racket takes the spin-friendly precision of the standard Ezone 98 and elevates it to a new level with its heavier and more stable design. While it may require a bit more effort to swing, the added mass brings undeniable benefits in terms of plow-through and pop.

Intermediate and advanced players seeking a precise and spin-friendly weapon will find their match in the Ezone 98 Tour. It effortlessly redirects the pace of the game, allowing you to maintain control in the most intense rallies. And when it's time to unleash your aggression, this racket rewards your mechanics with explosive power that keeps your opponents on their toes.

Product Details:

ISOMETRIC: Unleash a larger sweetspot with the Ezone 98 Tour. Its innovative design increases the sweetspot by 7% compared to conventional round frames, providing you with greater forgiveness and accuracy in your shots.

Liner Tech: Maximize power and comfort on off-center shots with straight hole grommets. These elongated strings optimize the transfer of energy, resulting in improved power and a more comfortable feel even on mis-hits.

O.P.S (Oval Pressed Shaft): Elevate your spin, control, and feel with the Oval Pressed Shaft. Designed to flex at impact, it increases dwell time and minimizes vibrations, allowing you to generate exceptional spin and enjoy enhanced touch on every shot.

Vibration Dampening Mesh: Experience superior touch and precision with the Vibration Dampening Mesh. This stretchy mesh material wraps around the graphite within the grip, effectively filtering out unwanted vibrations. Feel connected to the ball and maintain precise control throughout your game.

2G-Namd Speed: Harness the power of advanced technology with 2G-Namd Speed. High modulus graphite fibers, combined with a carbon nanotube structure, reduce energy loss and enable quick snapback, translating into explosive power and impressive shot speed.

Aero Shape Design: Enjoy a softer racket feel with the Aero Shape Design. The inverted frame design and thinner frame face result in a racket that flexes and responds with exceptional touch and comfort.

Yonex Made in Japan: Embrace the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship with the Yonex Made in Japan label. Meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality ensure that every racket delivers superior performance. Experience the difference and never settle for less.

Unlock your full potential on the court with the Yonex Ezone 98 Tour Tennis Racket. With its combination of control, comfort, and precision, this racket empowers you to dominate the game and leave your opponents astounded. Trust in Yonex's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, and take your tennis skills to new heights.



Strung or Unstrung? Unstrung
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 315
Head Size (sq. in) 98
Beam Width (mm) 23.5-24.5-19.5
Balance (+/- 5mm) 320
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range (lbs) 45 - 60
Composition HM Graphite / Nanocell Neo / VDM