Yonex Exbolt 68 0.68mm/10M Set
Yonex Exbolt 68 0.68mm/10M Set
Yonex Exbolt 68 0.68mm/10M Set
Yonex Exbolt 68 0.68mm/10M Set
Yonex Exbolt 68 0.68mm/10M Set


Yonex Exbolt 68 0.68mm/10M Set

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Size:10m Set
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Introducing the EXBOLT 68 Badminton String: The Power-Driven Innovation from Yonex

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Get ready to experience the next level of game with Yonex's EXBOLT 68 badminton string. Tailored for the player who refuses to compromise on durability or power, this cutting-edge string is set to revolutionize the way you play.

Key Specifications:

  • Color(s): Available in striking Yellow, Black, and White.
  • Gauge: A fine 0.68 mm for superior playability.
  • Length: Choose from 10 m (33 ft) for a quick restring or 200 m (656 ft) for the seasoned player.
  • Core: Comprised of High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament for resilience.
  • Outer: Special Braided Oval Forged Fiber ensures a crisp hit every time.
  • Coating: The Elasticity Outer adds a layer of control and responsiveness.
  • Item Code: BGXB68

Advanced Technology and Performance:

  • FORGED FIBER: This proprietary material, used in aircraft tires for its strength and heat resistance, is now re-engineered on a molecular level to enhance the bonds of the fibers. The result? Unmatched durability that withstands the rigors of intense play.
  • Oval FORGED FIBER: A game-changer in design. The oval shape of the fiber limits deformation upon impact, translating to incredible smash power and a solid feel with every shot.
  • Elasticity Outer Coating: By applying NANOALLOY™ technology to nylon, the string's surface offers enhanced flexibility, resulting in an ideal blend of quick repulsion, robust durability, and refined control.

Launch into a New Era of Badminton: The EXBOLT 68 isn't just a string; it's the culmination of Yonex's commitment to innovation and excellence. With its March 8, 2024, release, players will unlock a new dimension of power without losing the quick repulsion and control that Yonex strings are renowned for.

Whether you're a speed demon or a power player, the EXBOLT 68 is designed to elevate your game, making every hit, every smash, and every drive more potent than ever before.

Durable, Powerful, Controlled – Redefine Your Game with EXBOLT 68.