WRZ2573 EZ Court Lines


WRZ2573 EZ Court Lines

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Wilson EZ Court Lines: Simplify Your Court Setup

Product Overview:

Setting up a tennis court for practice, especially for beginners or junior players, shouldn't be a hassle. With the Wilson EZ Court Lines, trainers and coaches can quickly and easily lay out a court's boundaries, making it perfect for drills, training sessions, and even mini matches.

Key Features:

  1. Rubberised Construction: Made with high-quality rubber, these lines lie flat on the court, ensuring a smooth play without any disruptions.

  2. Versatility in Usage: Beyond court marking, the Wilson EZ Court Lines can serve as court dividers for large match play, making it ideal for tournaments, team practice, or coaching sessions.

  3. Quick Setup & Removal: These court lines are designed for easy placement and pickup, making the setup and takedown process effortless. Spend more time playing and less time preparing.

  4. Safety First: While the rubber lines offer good grip under dry conditions, it's crucial to avoid using them on wet surfaces to prevent slips and potential injuries.

  5. Designed for Red Ball Play: The dimensions and layout are particularly suited for red ball matches, ensuring younger players get the authentic court experience.

Ideal For:

The Wilson EZ Court Lines are perfect for tennis coaches, schools, and training academies that frequently work with young juniors or large groups. They are a must-have for any trainer wanting to create a quick and efficient setup for practice sessions or matches.

Streamline your tennis training sessions with Wilson EZ Court Lines. Designed for rapid setup and takedown, these rubberised lines provide a clear court outline, especially for red ball play. They're the go-to solution for coaches, ensuring minimal disruptions and a smooth playing experience. Note: To maintain safety, avoid using in wet conditions.

Upgrade your coaching sessions with Wilson EZ Court Lines. Perfect for red ball play, large group training, and court division. Quick to set up and safe for play, but remember to keep it dry for the best grip! Your coaching toolkit isn't complete without it.