Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)
Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)
Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)
Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)
Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)
Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)


Wilson Shift 99 V1 Unstrung 300g WR145311U (Unstrung)

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Balance (mm)

Total Weight (g)

Swing weight (g)

Performance swing weight (g)


Balance determines whether your racket is head heavy, even or head light.

Flexibility ranges from 0 – 100%, the higher the percentage, the chance of generating power in your shot.

Total Weight is the unstrung weight of the racket as measured by Yonex Precision Scan. Heavier rackets generate more power.

Swing Weight is measured by the swinging of the racket at a specific speed. A lighter swing weight can lead to more control.

Performance Swing Weight considers the weight, balance and swing weight to give you an effective estimate of the power behind your racket.

Wilson Shift 99/300 Tennis Racket: The Future of Tennis Technology

Elevate your game with the innovative Wilson Shift 99/300 tennis racket. Expertly crafted by W|Labs, this groundbreaking concept racket delivers unparalleled lateral bending and superior torsional stability, setting a new benchmark in tennis equipment technology.

Features & Benefits:

  • Revolutionary Bending Profile: Master the court with the Shift's unique blend of lateral flexibility and torsional stability. Deliver balls deep into the court with power and precision, every time.

  • Optimal String Configuration: Experience a harmonious balance between control, spin, and power with the racket's 16x20 string pattern. Whether you're aiming for a powerful serve or a spinning drop shot, the Shift 99/300 has got you covered.

  • W|Labs Innovation: As the first concept racket from the esteemed W|Labs, the Shift 99/300 is an embodiment of cutting-edge tennis technology, designed for players who seek nothing but the best.

  • Global Feedback Integration: This racket isn't just built; it's co-created. Developed using invaluable feedback from players worldwide, the Shift 99/300 resonates with the needs and desires of true tennis enthusiasts.

  • Sleek Arctic Prism Design: Step onto the court with confidence and style. Beyond its high performance, the racket's modern arctic prism design ensures you leave a lasting impression.

Looking to upgrade your tennis equipment? Dive into the future of tennis with the Wilson Shift 99/300 tennis racket. Offering unmatched power, control, and spin, this racket is a game-changer for players at all levels. Its revolutionary design, coupled with the 16x20 string pattern, provides an unbeatable playing experience. Order yours today and step onto the court with the latest in tennis technology. Perfect for those who demand excellence in every shot, the Wilson Shift 99/300 tennis racket is where innovation meets performance. Join the future of tennis. Shop now.

Experience the next generation of tennis with the Wilson Shift 99/300 racket. Power, control, and style - redefine your game today!

    Head (sq cm) 639
    Head (sq in) 99
    Length (cm) 68.58
    Length (in) 27
    String Pattern 16X20
    Strung balance (cm) 32.5
    Strung weight (grams) 316
    Strung weight (ounces) 11.15
    Taper System (mm) 23.5
    Unstrung balance (cm) 31.5
    Unstrung weight (grams) 300
    Unstrung weight (ounces) 10.58