DEMO - Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle
DEMO - Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle
DEMO - Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle
DEMO - Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle
DEMO - Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle


DEMO - Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle

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Purchase this product to try our amazing range of rackets before you make a decision. Demo it out and make sure you're choosing the right racket for you.

You pay upfront and have a week to try the racket, once you have tried it you can send it back for a refund (minus demo service fee of £20) or purchase a brand new racket.

Unlimited swaps ! - keep swapping demos with us for just £6 postage per time (unless you're collecting from store) 

You can choose to upgrade the strings in the demo and grip to your liking enabling you to try it out exactly how you like it. And you can purchase a returns label as an add-option above.

Available to UK ONLY - failure to return the racket within 10 working days will result in the full price being charged and non-refundable.

Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle (200054)

Unlock superior performance with the Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle, engineered for players who demand top-tier power, control, and precision. This elite paddle features innovative technology and premium materials to elevate your game on the court.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Graphite Hitting Surface: The Radical Tour EX Raw features a carbon graphite hitting surface that provides an exceptional blend of power and control. This advanced material enhances the paddle's responsiveness, allowing for precise and powerful shots with excellent touch.
  • Optimized Tubular Core (OTC): Incorporating Head's Optimized Tubular Core technology, this paddle offers enhanced stability and consistency. The advanced core construction ensures a solid feel and reliable performance on every hit.
  • Comfort Grip System: Equipped with Head's Comfort Grip System, the paddle uses a specially formulated EVA material to reduce vibrations and enhance comfort. This grip system ensures a secure and comfortable hold, minimizing hand fatigue during extended play.
  • SpinOn Texture: The paddle surface features SpinOn texture, increasing spin potential and shot control. This texture allows players to impart more spin on the ball, making their shots more challenging for opponents to return.
  • Extreme Power Core: The Radical Tour EX Raw's power core design balances power and control, enabling players to generate powerful shots while maintaining precision and accuracy.
  • Durable Edge Guard: The paddle includes a durable edge guard to protect it from damage and extend its lifespan. This feature ensures the paddle remains in top condition, even with regular use.
  • Enhanced Sweet Spot: Designed with an extended sweet spot, the paddle enhances shot accuracy and consistency, even on off-center hits.
  • Lightweight Design: The paddle's lightweight construction offers excellent maneuverability and quick reaction times, ideal for players who rely on speed and agility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Carbon graphite hitting surface
  • Core: Polymer Honeycomb Core
  • Weight: 7.8 - 8.2 oz (220 - 235 g)
  • Grip Size: Comfort Grip System
  • Paddle Shape: Extended shape for a larger sweet spot
  • Dimensions: Paddle length 16 in, paddle width 7.8 in
  • Thickness: 14 mm

The Head Radical Tour EX Raw Pickleball Paddle, is perfect for players seeking a combination of power, control, and comfort. With advanced technologies like Optimized Tubular Core and SpinOn texture, this paddle enhances your performance by providing a responsive, powerful, and precise playing experience. Elevate your game with the Head Radical Tour EX Raw and dominate the court with confidence and skill.