Head Radical Team L Tennis Racket 2023
Head Radical Team L Tennis Racket 2023


Head Radical Team L Tennis Racket 2023

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HEAD Radical TEAM L Tennis Racket: Your All-Court Companion

Key Features:

  • Innovative Auxetic Technology: Experience unparalleled impact feel with the unique Auxetic technology, enhancing your on-court performance and overall playability.

  • Optimised for Team Play: Specifically crafted for all-court team players, the RADICAL TEAM L ensures versatility, allowing players to easily adapt and respond to any play scenario.

  • Enhanced Power and Manoeuvrability: Thanks to its larger head size and lighter weight, compared to other RADICAL models, this racket offers added power without compromising on precision. Its lightweight nature ensures swift responses, particularly during fast-paced rallies.

  • Exclusive Technologies for a Refined Play Experience: Sound grommets integrated into the design amplify power through greater string movement, while also fine-tuning the sound and vibration during ball impact. This creates a more immersive and controlled playing experience.

  • Graphene Reinforcement: The inclusion of Graphene in the racket's frame not only offers durability but also ensures efficient energy transfer, allowing for robust and precise shots.

  • Dynamic 16/19 String Pattern: This specific string arrangement promises both adaptability and power, giving players the freedom to be creative with their shots and gameplay.

  • A Fresh Aesthetic Approach: The RADICAL series breaks away from traditional design norms with its striking asymmetrical look. Make a bold statement on the court with this contemporary design.

  • Legacy and Evolution: Formerly known as the Radical Lite, the RADICAL TEAM L carries forward the legacy of its predecessor, while introducing new advancements to cater to the modern player.

Detailed Overview:
HEAD continues to push the boundaries with the Radical TEAM L tennis racket. Tailored for all-court team players, this racket embodies a harmonious blend of power, control, and agility. The innovative Auxetic technology sets this racket apart, ensuring players experience superior impact feel with every shot.

For players who thrive in quick-paced rallies and need that extra agility, the larger head size and reduced weight of the RADICAL TEAM L provide that much-needed edge. This ensures not just powerful but also precise shots, even during the most challenging plays.

The integration of Graphene within the frame fortifies the racket, ensuring it stands the test of time while offering unparalleled energy transfer. Combined with the dynamic 16/19 string pattern, players can expect a versatile gameplay experience.

Lastly, with its audacious asymmetrical design, players can not only play their best but also look their best on the court.

In essence, the HEAD Radical TEAM L tennis racket, with its legacy and innovative advancements, is the ideal partner for those looking to dominate the all-court game.



WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG):260 g / 9.2 oz


HEAD SIZE:660 cm² / 102 in²


BALANCE:340 mm / even

LENGTH:685 mm / 27.0 in

BEAM:22/25/23 mm