Dunlop Pro Squash Ball (Single)


Dunlop Pro Squash Ball (Single)

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Dunlop Pro Squash Ball (Single)

Dunlop Pro Squash Ball (Single)

The Dunlop Pro Squash Ball is the ultimate choice for advanced and professional players seeking consistent performance and reliability. Known as the official ball of the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and the World Squash Federation (WSF), this ball is designed to meet the highest standards of competitive play.

Key Features:

Professional Grade: The Dunlop Pro Squash Ball is used in professional tournaments around the world. It is the official ball of the PSA and WSF, ensuring top-tier performance and consistency.

Double Yellow Dot: Featuring a double yellow dot, this ball is designed for advanced players. It has the lowest bounce and requires a higher skill level to maintain long rallies, providing a challenging and rewarding experience.

Consistent Performance: Engineered to deliver consistent bounce and flight, the Dunlop Pro ball ensures reliable performance during intense matches and practice sessions. It helps players develop precision and control.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality rubber, this ball offers excellent durability, maintaining its playability and consistency even after extensive use.

Optimal Playability: The ball’s specifications make it suitable for professional and advanced-level play, ensuring that players can perform at their best in any competitive environment.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Professional squash ball

Bounce: Low bounce (double yellow dot)

Material: High-quality rubber

Color: Black

Approval: Official ball of the PSA and WSF

The Dunlop Pro Squash Ball (Single) is perfect for advanced and professional players who demand the highest level of performance and consistency from their equipment. Its professional-grade construction and reliable playability make it the preferred choice for competitive play. Elevate your game with the Dunlop Pro Squash Ball and experience the quality trusted by top players worldwide.