On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)
On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)
On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)
On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)
On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)
On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)

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On Cloud 5 Waterproof M 2022 (Glacier/White)

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Introducing the On Cloud 5 - The Next Evolution in Comfort and Sustainability

Are you ready to take your running experience to new heights? Look no further than the On Cloud 5, the latest offering from the renowned Swiss brand On. With an updated silhouette, improved materials, and cutting-edge technology, the Cloud 5 is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and performance while also being kind to the environment.

What Makes the On Cloud 5 Special?

1. Sustainability at Its Core

  • The On Cloud 5 is re-engineered with a remarkable 44% recycled content, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious runners. By choosing the Cloud 5, you're not only improving your running experience but also contributing to a greener planet.

2. Improved Fit

  • The Cloud 5 boasts an enhanced fit, ensuring that your feet are snugly held in place for a secure and comfortable run. Say goodbye to discomfort and blisters as you conquer the miles.

3. Exceptional Comfort

  • Experience next-level comfort with On's patented CloudTec® cushioning in Zero-Gravity foam. This innovative technology is designed to provide soft landings and powerful push-offs, reducing muscle fatigue and allowing you to run faster and longer.

4. Breathable Antimicrobial Mesh

  • The Cloud 5 features breathable antimicrobial mesh with taped reinforcements, ensuring your feet stay fresh and odor-free even during the most intense workouts. Run with confidence and comfort.

5. Speed-Lacing System

  • Tying knots is a thing of the past with the Cloud 5's speed-lacing system. It locks you in instantly, allowing you to focus on your run without the hassle of constantly adjusting your laces. If you prefer classic laces, there's a pair included in the box as well.

CloudTec® Technology: Running on Clouds

The CloudTec® technology in the On Cloud 5 is what sets it apart from the rest. With multi-directional cloud elements that react to your unique movements, you'll experience soft landings followed by powerful take-offs. This technology has been proven to reduce muscle fatigue and lower your heart rate, enabling you to run faster for longer.

Swiss-engineered to deliver comfort, support, and a more efficient run, CloudTec® is a completely unique cushioning system. It absorbs impact, reduces strain, and adapts to your running style, creating a sensation loved by runners worldwide. It's like running on clouds, providing an unmatched level of comfort and support.

Tailor-Made for Every Shoe

CloudTec® doesn't just stop at providing comfort; it also reacts according to your unique movements. It compresses horizontally and vertically to cushion precisely where you need it. Meticulously engineered, it forms the foundation of every On shoe, ensuring that each pair is optimized for your performance.

Run Faster with Confidence

The horizontal movement of the Clouds as you run does more than just absorb impact. It reduces braking force, propels you forward, and provides softer landings. This means you can enjoy a smoother and more efficient ride, giving you the confidence to push your limits and achieve your running goals.

In summary, the On Cloud 5 is not just a running shoe; it's a game-changer. With its commitment to sustainability, exceptional comfort, and groundbreaking CloudTec® technology, it's the ideal choice for runners who demand the best in both performance and environmental responsibility. Lace up a pair of Cloud 5s, and experience the difference for yourself – run on clouds, and unlock your running potential.