Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)
Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)
Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)
Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)
Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)
Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)
Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)


Babolat X-FeeI Lite Badminton Racket 601370 (Strung)

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Babolat X-Feel Lite Badminton Racket: A Symphony of Power and Precision for Defensive Players

Babolat X-Feel Lite is a powerful all-round badminton racket meticulously crafted for competitors with a defensive game, offering a harmonious blend of power and exceptional shuttle control.

Features and Benefits:

🏸 Powerful and Controlled: Crafted for those who prefer powerful shots with superb shuttle control, making it perfect for both singles and doubles players.

🏸 Light and Maneuverable: The head-light design and medium shaft amplify maneuverability to counter all adversary’s shots efficiently.

🏸 Versatile Use: Ideal for players who like to move the shuttle around the court, both in singles and doubles games.

Innovative Technologies:

🏸 MetricFlex Technology: Patented and unique structure designed to offer unparalleled flexibility (lateral/frontal). Adapts the shaft's stiffness to optimize every movement, granting power and precision.

🏸 Side Force Twins: Provides enhanced frame durability with strategically placed alternating eyelets to preserve carbon fibers during frame drilling.

🏸 Carbon Slimplies Technology: Ensures enduring shaft rigidity and durability over time with additional carbon sheets incorporated into the design.

🏸 Aero+ and XP Aero Tubing Technology: Offers better air penetration and frame stiffness aiding precision, thanks to the built-in eyelets and a uniquely designed oval section shape.

Durability and Precision:

🏸 Enduring Construction: High modulus graphite composition guarantees prolonged durability and superior performance.

🏸 Precision Enhancer: The unique flexibility of the shaft refines the precision of each stroke, allowing players to set up their shots with absolute accuracy.


🏸 Player Type: Defensive

🏸 Weight: 83 g +/-2g

🏸 Flexibility: Medium

🏸 Balance: 295 mm +/-5mm (Head Light)

🏸 Length: 675 mm

🏸 Head Shape: Isometric

🏸 Stringing Pattern: 20/21

🏸 Tension Recommended: 8-12kg

🏸 Composition: High Modulus Graphite 


The Babolat X-Feel Lite is a testament to Babolat’s commitment to enabling players to live their game to the max and express their inherent talent. Whether you are a singles or a doubles player, whether you prefer offense or defense, this racket is a versatile companion, bringing your A-game to the court with its combination of power, precision, and control. The advanced technologies incorporated promise a playing experience of unmatched quality, allowing the players to counter every adversary's shot effectively. If you are demanding in your choice of racquet, the X-Feel Lite stands as a peerless choice, enabling you to refine and execute your strokes with unerring accuracy and power. Elevate your defensive game to new heights with Babolat X-Feel Lite and experience the synergy of supreme technology and unparalleled craftsmanship!