BABOLAT RPM TEAM 200M 243108 1.30mm


BABOLAT RPM TEAM 200M 243108 1.30mm

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Size:200m Reel
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The Babolat RPM Team 200M 243108 1.30mm - A Fine Blend of Performance and Durability

1. Ideal Gauge for Balance: The 1.30mm thickness is a popular choice among many players. It sits right in the sweet spot where you get enough durability to handle powerful strokes while retaining the playability features that advanced players seek.

2. Unleashing Spin with RPM: Babolat's RPM Technology is synonymous with spin generation. With an octagonal cross-section, this string literally bites the ball, enabling players to put extra revolutions on it. Whether you're hitting heavy topspin groundstrokes or looking for that dipping topspin lob, the RPM Team assists in maximizing the ball's rotation.

3. Team Version's Softness: While the original RPM Blast might be preferred by those who seek the utmost in control and spin, the RPM Team offers a slightly gentler experience. This softness can help in reducing string vibration and can be beneficial for players who are sensitive to arm discomfort.

4. Polyamide's Promise of Durability: The polyamide construction is not just about endurance. While it certainly offers longevity, it also ensures that the string retains its playability features for longer. This means a consistent playing experience session after session.

5. Generosity in Length: With a whopping 200 meters, this reel is perfect for avid players, professionals, or even coaches. Having such a supply ensures that the player is always equipped with their preferred string choice for every restringing need.

To sum it up, the Babolat RPM Team 200M 243108 1.30mm string is more than just a string; it's a tool designed to elevate the player's game. Its carefully thought-out features, from the gauge to the RPM technology, all work in harmony to provide a playing experience that's hard to rival. Whether you're an aggressive baseliner, a serve-and-volley player, or someone in between, this string can adapt to your needs, helping you get the best out of every shot.