Babolat RPM Rough 12M 241140 1.25mm
Babolat RPM Rough 12M 241140 1.25mm


Babolat RPM Rough 12M 241140 1.25mm

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Size:12m set
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Babolat RPM Rough 12M 241140 1.25mm - A Spin Specialist with a Rough Edge

Redefine your spin shots and gain a strategic edge over your opponents with the Babolat RPM Rough tennis string. Crafted meticulously with a textured surface, this string is engineered to amplify your spin capabilities to the next level. Here’s a comprehensive look into the standout features of the Babolat RPM Rough 12M 241140 1.25mm:

Gauge: With a thickness of 1.25mm, the RPM Rough is precisely calibrated to offer a seamless blend of durability and playability. It provides players with a medium gauge, ensuring a balanced approach to every shot.

Rough and Ready: RPM Blast Rough is the edgier sibling of the original RPM Blast. It boasts a textured surface, optimised to intensify the friction between the ball and the string. This rugged design provides an unparalleled bite, facilitating spin shots that are sharper and more potent.

Spin Like a Pro: The unique construction of the RPM Blast Rough promotes the creation of extreme spin. Whether you’re attempting powerful topspin lobs or cunning slices, the string provides that extra oomph to ensure your shots land just where you envision.

Co-polyester Construction: Built from co-polyester, the RPM Blast Rough promises lasting resilience. Known for their steadfastness, co-polyester strings like this one offer remarkable tension maintenance, ensuring a consistent playing experience over time.

The Feel Factor: Beyond its technical prowess, the RPM Blast Rough is also distinguished by its feel on the court. It imparts a crisp and firm sensation, balancing power and control impeccably. This ensures that players can rely on it during high-stake points and crucial game moments.

For the Spin Enthusiasts: If adding a spin to your shots is your game’s cornerstone, the Babolat RPM Rough 12M 241140 1.25mm is the string to vouch for. Its rough texture, coupled with its impeccable construction, empowers you to craft shots that keep your adversaries guessing.

In the world of tennis, where every shot counts, the Babolat RPM Rough ensures that your spin shots are not just effective but also spectacular. String your racquet with the RPM Rough and watch your spin shots become the talk of the court!