Babolat Boost Drive Strung 121255
Babolat Boost Drive Strung 121255
Babolat Boost Drive Strung 121255
Babolat Boost Drive Strung 121255


Babolat Boost Drive Strung 121255

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Babolat Boost Drive Strung 121255

Babolat Boost Drive Strung (121255)

The Babolat Boost Drive Strung (121255) is a fantastic choice for recreational and beginner players who want a powerful, easy-to-handle tennis racket. Designed to offer an excellent blend of power, control, and comfort, this racket is perfect for players looking to boost their game.

Key Features:

Lightweight Construction: The Boost Drive is designed to be lightweight, making it easier to swing and maneuver. This helps players generate power without exerting too much effort, making it ideal for those new to the game or those who prefer a lighter racket.

Graphite Frame: The racket is constructed with a high-quality graphite frame, providing durability and a solid feel. The graphite construction also helps in reducing vibrations, ensuring a comfortable playing experience.

Large Head Size: With a 105 square inch head size, the Boost Drive offers a larger sweet spot, making it easier to hit powerful and accurate shots. This is particularly beneficial for beginner players who may not consistently hit the center of the racket.

Woofer Technology: Babolat’s Woofer technology enhances the interaction between the frame and the strings, providing better control and a more comfortable feel. This technology helps to maximize the power of each shot while ensuring precision.

Pre-Strung: The Boost Drive comes pre-strung, so you can start playing right away. The factory stringing provides a good balance of power and control, suitable for recreational play.

Comfortable Grip: The racket features a comfortable grip that ensures a secure hold, reducing the chances of slipping during play. This helps maintain control and confidence during matches.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Graphite

Head Size: 105 square inches

Length: 27 inches

Weight: 260 grams (unstrung)

Balance: Even

String Pattern: 16x19

Pre-Strung: Yes


The Babolat Boost Drive Strung (121255) is perfect for players looking to improve their game with a powerful, easy-to-handle racket. Its lightweight construction, large head size, and advanced technologies make it a great choice for beginners and recreational players who want to enjoy the game and develop their skills. Elevate your tennis experience with the Babolat Boost Drive and see the difference in your performance on the court.