About the brand


Through the creation of high-quality products, YONEX remains dedicated to enhancing the world of sports. Marrying timeless Japanese craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, we have equipped players with the means to achieve victory on the court for over six decades. At the core of Yonex's ethos lies an unchanging aspiration: to shape a superior future through distinctive innovations. The brand's illustrious history is marked by a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional sports equipment. Esteemed for an unyielding devotion to quality, Yonex has established itself by meticulously fashioning items that epitomize both inventiveness and dependability. What truly distinguishes Yonex is an unwavering pursuit of research and development, guaranteeing that each product embodies forefront technology and an intimate comprehension of player requisites. This pursuit of excellence reverberates across their diverse array of offerings, spanning rackets, footwear, apparel, and accessories, solidifying Yonex as an emblem of unwavering quality and consistency in the realm of sports. For over 75 years Yonex has created the best of the best in Badminton and Tennis.