Next Generation of Badminton Strings - Yonex Exbolt

Next Generation of Badminton Strings - Yonex Exbolt

The Exbolt 68: A New Era of Durable Strings

The Exbolt 68 distinguishes itself with its texture and stiffness, offering a unique combination that enhances durability without significantly compromising on feel and control. Its design facilitates a faster stringing process, appreciated by stringers for its ease of handling. Comparatively, the Exbolt 65 and 63 offer smoother surfaces and more flexibility but do not match the Exbolt 68's durability.


Yonex Exbolt Series Showdown: Exbolt 68, Exbolt 65, and Exbolt 63 debunked

In the realm of badminton, strings play a pivotal role in the performance of a racket. The choice of string can significantly affect playability, durability, and overall game experience. Yonex, a leading brand in badminton equipment, has introduced the Exbolt 68 (March 2024), offering a new model into the Exbolt range of strings that cater to diverse playing needs. In this blog post, we delve deep into the comparison of the Exbolt 68, Exbolt 65, and Exbolt 63, highlighting their features, performance, and suitability for different types of players.

Understanding Badminton Strings and Durability Myths

Before comparing the Exbolt series, it's crucial to address common misconceptions about string durability. Many players believe that a string snapping early indicates a fault in the product. However, strings are more prone to breaking when freshly strung as they’re at their maximum tension, especially under the stress of miss-hits or aggressive recovery shots. Moreover, improper handling, like scraping the strings on the ground to pick up shuttles, can significantly reduce their lifespan. It's essential to understand that durability also depends on usage and handling, not just on the string's inherent quality. There is no guarantee on strings, it can depend on temperature, how dirty your hall is, how your rackets are kept etc. Be sure to keep your rackets in a proper thermal bag to regulate the temperature of the strings in storage as much as possible.


The Exbolt Series: A Leap in Durability and Performance

Yonex's Exbolt series stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and quality. The Exbolt 68, the latest addition, is touted for its exceptional durability, rated an impressive 11/10. Launched after the successful introduction of the Exbolt 63 in 2021 and the Exbolt 65 in 2022, the Exbolt 68 sets a new benchmark for durable badminton strings. Available in three colors—white, yellow, and black—the Exbolt 68 caters to aesthetic preferences while promising unparalleled performance.

Comparing Characteristics: Repulsion, Control, and Durability

Badminton strings are generally categorized based on repulsion, control, and durability. Thinner strings, often sought after for their repulsion and sound, tend to lack in durability. Meanwhile, control-oriented strings provide a better grip on the shuttle but do not always offer the best durability. Thicker strings, like the Exbolt 68, are engineered for durability but traditionally compromise on repulsion and feel.

Historically, strings such as the Yonex BG65, BG65Ti, and Nanogy 95 have been the go-to options for durability. Yet, the Exbolt series disrupts this landscape by offering a blend of durability with improved feel and control, meeting the evolving demands of modern badminton play.


The Exbolt 68: A New Era of Durable Strings

The Exbolt 68 distinguishes itself with its texture and stiffness, offering a unique combination that enhances durability without significantly compromising on feel and control. Its design facilitates a faster stringing process, appreciated by stringers for its ease of handling. Comparatively, the Exbolt 65 and 63 offer smoother surfaces and more flexibility but do not match the Exbolt 68's durability.


Performance on Court: A Detailed Analysis

When transitioning from thinner strings, players might find the Exbolt 68 less immediate in repulsion. However, its robustness adds confidence, particularly in scenarios prone to mis-hits. The Exbolt 68 delivers a crisp feel, akin to the Aerobite, with a satisfying bite on the shuttle, making it easy to forget its categorization as a durability-focused string.

Interestingly, while the Exbolt 68 may not match the immediate repulsion of its thinner counterparts, its control and feel on impact are commendable. Its ability to hold the shuttle slightly longer than the Exbolt 65 and 63 allows for enhanced control, making it a preferred choice for players valuing durability without sacrificing performance.


Conclusion: Who Should Choose the Exbolt 68?

The Exbolt 68 emerges as a game-changer for players seeking a durable string that does not compromise on feel or control. Its resistance to snapping, particularly from mis-hits, instills confidence, making it ideal for players frequently facing string breakage issues. While it may offer a different experience for aficionados of thinner strings, the Exbolt 68 stands out as a robust option for those prioritizing longevity and performance.

Available in both 200m and 10m packs and in three distinct colors, the Exbolt 68 accommodates various player preferences and needs. Whether you're a professional seeking reliability or an amateur tired of frequent restringing, the Exbolt 68 promises a blend of durability, control, and feel that is hard to match.

In conclusion, the Yonex Exbolt series, with the Exbolt 68 leading the charge, represents a significant advancement in badminton string technology. By offering a solution that addresses durability without compromising on other critical aspects of playability, Yonex continues to cater to the evolving needs of badminton players. 

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But how is the Exbolt range different?

Incorporating this detailed information into the blog post enhances our understanding of the technological advancements behind the Yonex Exbolt series, particularly the Exbolt 68. Let's delve deeper into these innovations and how they redefine the expectations from badminton strings.


The Technological Marvel: FORGED FIBER

The Exbolt series stands out in the badminton world, thanks to its use of FORGED FIBER, a proprietary material that marks a significant leap in string technology. Designed to address the age-old compromise between repulsion and durability, FORGED FIBER is a testament to Yonex's commitment to innovation. Traditional nylon strings faced limitations in fiber strength, leading to quicker wear and reduced durability. However, by reconstructing the fibers at a molecular level, Yonex has enhanced the intermolecular bonds, significantly improving the strings' longevity and performance under duress.


The Evolution of FORGED FIBER: From Circular to Oval

The Exbolt 68 introduces a groundbreaking change in the structure of FORGED FIBER by transitioning from a circular to an oval pattern. This novel shape minimizes fiber deformation upon impact, thereby increasing smash power without sacrificing the string's integrity. This adjustment allows the Exbolt 68 to offer an improved repulsion feel akin to thinner strings while maintaining the durability typically associated with thicker gauges. It's a harmonious balance that was once considered challenging to achieve.


Enhancing Control with Elasticity Outer

To complement the structural advancements of the FORGED FIBER, the Exbolt series strings are coated with an Elasticity Outer. This innovative coating incorporates NANOALLOY technology into nylon, resulting in a string that offers enhanced flexibility and an increased shuttle hold. This combination not only boosts the string's durability and repulsion but also significantly elevates control, providing players with an unparalleled playing experience.


A String for Every Playstyle!

With the introduction of the Exbolt 63, Yonex set a new standard for speed in badminton strings. The subsequent release of the Exbolt 65 shifted the focus slightly towards control, catering to players who prioritize precision and finesse in their game. The Exbolt 68, however, brings a new dimension to the series with its emphasis on power. Despite its 0.68mm gauge, it stands as the most durable string in Yonex's lineup, presenting a solution for players seeking robustness without compromising on performance.


Conclusion: The Exbolt Series—A New Era of Badminton Strings

The Exbolt series, spearheaded by the technological marvel of FORGED FIBER and complemented by innovations like the Oval FORGED FIBER and Elasticity Outer, represents a significant leap forward in badminton string technology. Yonex's commitment to innovation is evident in the development of a string lineup that caters to diverse playing styles without the traditional trade-offs. Whether you're a speed demon, a control aficionado, or a power player, the Exbolt series offers a string that not only meets but exceeds your demands, redefining what players can expect from their equipment. With the Exbolt 68, players now have access to a string that offers an unbeatable combination of durability, repulsion, and control, setting a new standard for performance on the court.




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