Yonex YTJ3 Unisex T-Shirt (Red)
Yonex YTJ3 Unisex T-Shirt (Red)
Yonex YTJ3 Unisex T-Shirt (Red)
Yonex YTJ3 Unisex T-Shirt (Red)


Yonex YTJ3 Unisex T-Shirt (Red)

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The Yonex YTJ3 Junior T-Shirt is a versatile and affordable t-shirt designed for young athletes participating in racket sports like badminton, tennis, and squash. Here are the key features and a description of this junior t-shirt:


  1. Lightweight: The t-shirt is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that it does not hinder movement and provides comfort during physical activities on the court.

  2. 100% Polyester: The t-shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric, which is known for its moisture-wicking properties, sweat absorbency, and quick-drying capability. This fabric helps keep young athletes dry and comfortable during play.


The Yonex YTJ3 Junior T-Shirt is a practical and budget-friendly choice for young athletes looking for a comfortable and performance-oriented shirt for racket sports. It is designed to provide ease of movement and comfort on the court.

The t-shirt features a classic design with a V-neck and a smart piping design, adding a touch of style to the sportswear. The lightweight polyester fabric enhances breathability, allowing air circulation and helping regulate body temperature during intense play.

One of the key benefits of this t-shirt is its moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. It efficiently absorbs sweat, lowers body temperature, and dries quickly, ensuring that young athletes stay cool and comfortable even during demanding matches.

The Yonex YTJ3 Junior T-Shirt is suitable for junior players participating in various racket sports. It offers a balance of comfort and performance, allowing young athletes to focus on their game and stay cool under pressure.

In summary, the Yonex YTJ3 Junior T-Shirt is a practical and cost-effective choice for young athletes in racket sports. It offers lightweight comfort, moisture management, and classic styling, making it a suitable option for junior players seeking performance and comfort on the court.