Yonex YP1003J Polo Juniors Shirt (Red)
Yonex YP1003J Polo Juniors Shirt (Red)
Yonex YP1003J Polo Juniors Shirt (Red)
Yonex YP1003J Polo Juniors Shirt (Red)


Yonex YP1003J Polo Juniors Shirt (Red)

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The Yonex YP1003J Junior Polo Shirt is a performance-oriented court top designed for young athletes, offering several features to enhance their comfort and freedom of movement during racket sports like badminton, tennis, and squash. Here are the key features and a description of this junior polo shirt:


  1. Lightweight: The polo shirt is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that it does not hinder movement and provides comfort during physical activities.

  2. 3 Button Placket: It features a 3-button placket, allowing for easy wearing and ventilation as needed.

  3. Polo Neck: The shirt has a traditional polo neck design, adding a touch of classic style to the sports attire.

  4. Breathable: The material used in this shirt is breathable, which means it allows air circulation and helps regulate body temperature, keeping the wearer comfortable during intense play.

  5. 100% Polyester: The shirt is made from 100% polyester, which is known for its moisture-wicking properties and durability, making it suitable for sports activities.

  6. Capped Power Sleeve: The capped power sleeve design provides freedom of movement and flexibility, particularly when reaching for deep shots.


The Yonex YP1003J Junior Polo Shirt is designed to meet the performance needs of young athletes in various racket sports. It is made from stretch polyester, which is not only lightweight but also offers a soft and comfortable feel. The stretch within the fabric allows for unhindered movement and flexibility, crucial for reaching deep shots and playing at your best.

The shirt features Verycool Dry technology, which enhances moisture management, ensuring that you stay cool and dry during play. Improved breathability is achieved through a lightweight dual weave material.

This polo shirt is suitable for junior players participating in badminton, tennis, squash, and other racket sports. It offers a balance of comfort, style, and performance. Additionally, it can be customized for clubs and teams, making it a practical choice for group sports attire.

In summary, the Yonex YP1003J Junior Polo Shirt is designed to provide young athletes with a comfortable and breathable performance shirt for racket sports. It offers freedom of movement, moisture management, and a classic polo style, making it a versatile choice for junior players.