Based on the highly successful launch of the VT Z Force last year the VT Z Force II has undergone a cosmetic change. Used by many top class International players throughout the World, it generates a huge power band and retaines shuttle control.

For the first time, the new TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of exceptional power and great handling. Yonex has developed a racket which achieves a combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

Nanopreme - NANOPREME is an original technology developed by YONEX to provide an ideal racquet material. Carbon Nanotube (with unique characteristics produced by Nanoscience) is combined with epoxy resin to tightly bind carbon fibres. Together, they form an incredibly strong material construction. NANOPREME delivers high repulsion and high strength to expand the performance capability of the racquet.

Head Heavy Balance - Head-heavy balance is vital to place maximum power on a smash. The VOLTRIC Z-FORCE grips the shuttle on the string bed and transfers power more efficiently so that the shuttle retains power and weight deep into the opponent’s court.

Speed and Power - VOLTRIC Z-FORCE increases power even further through the larger frame cross-section and improved stiffness. Six metres from the initial impact, the shuttle was still travelling over 25km/h faster than a shot played with a conventional racquet. A smash shot with this power and weight is hard for an opponent to counter.

Compact Frame - In combination with our most efficient head-heavy balance, the VOLTRIC Z-FORCE frame has been made smaller to deliver the faster swing speed demanded by advanced players. By reducing the drag caused by air resistance, the head-heavy feeling is reduced and racquet handling speed is increased.

Strong shaft for explosive power - A thinner shaft for greater flexibility is traditionally less stable, but a stiffer shaft with high stability can become fragile. The VOLTRIC Z-FORCE shaft with NANOPREME combines flexibility and stability for ultimate performance. The thinnest shaft in YONEX history, it still delivers exceptional flexibility and amplifies the energy of the swing.


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Central Sports have a duty of care to inform all our customers:

The rackets we sell are performance rackets designed to strike shuttles only, and may well fail if you have the misfortune to strike another object.

Some brands will entice customers to purchase their brand by increasing the maximum string tension. So whilst the frame may be capable of withstanding this type of stress, the strings will not.

This results in frequent premature string breakages.

Please note if you exceed the manufactures maximum string tension it will degrade your strings and frame. It will also be very difficult to make a successful warranty claim.

If you want to hit like a pro you would need to train and play 6 hours a day to build your speed and power. A higher string tension will not do it for you.

We will always show the manufacturer’s maximum string tension within the specification form on the detail page of the product. If you exceed the recommended tension a disclaimer will need to be ticked before you can continue with your purchase.

Ultra Hi-Modulus Graphite HM Graphite: EX HMG Tungsten
Flex Extra Stiff
Default String Yonex BG65Ti Default String
Shaft H.M. Graphite Nanopreme
Head Shape Isometric
Balance Head Heavy
Player Type Advanced Offensive
CS Max Stringing Tension 28 lbs
Full length Cover YES
Colour Black
Country of Origin Japan
Manufacturers Weight 85 -89.9 grms (3U) G4
C.Sports strung weight 94 grams
String tension Please be mindful, the higher your string tension the quicker your strings will degrade.
Not strung (Frame only) Unstrung (Frame only)
Customer rating *****
Zone First Class Next Day
UK Mainland
Northern Ireland
Isle of Man
Scot..Highlands & Islands
Channel Islands

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Yonex Voltric Z Force II


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