VICTOR’s latest launch of the HYPERNANO X 800 racket gives precision and control a brand new definition. AERO-DIAMOND and advanced technology enables superlative balance and anti-torque, HYPERNANO X efficiently attacks and defends, giving each smash the most impeccable performance.

HYPERNANO X 800 (HX-800) is the first product featured by the HYPERNANO X series. For players seeking in precision, the frame achieves exceptional strength and stability with AERO-DIAMOND frame and ULTRA CNF technology. The PYROFIL technology improves anti-torque performance of the shaft by 17%, while the marvelous touch and controllability is uncompromised by the lightweight.

An Impressive 36% Improvement in Stability with AERO-DIAMOND X ULTRA CNF

The low windage is successfully eliminated with HX-800’s AERO-DIAMOND frame. ULTRA CNF, a brand new material, goes with AERO-DIAMOND frame brings 36% better frame stability. All is achieved with help from computerized animation and data calculation, which enabled the design process with the most delicate visual adjustment. The effectively increased anti-shock promises its user the best of touch and harness during play.

Protect your investment

Central Sports have a duty of care to inform all our customers:

The rackets we sell are performance rackets designed to strike shuttles only, and may well fail if you have the misfortune to strike another object.

Some brands will entice customers to purchase their brand by increasing the maximum string tension. So whilst the frame may be capable of withstanding this type of stress, the strings will not.

This results in frequent premature string breakages.

Please note if you exceed the manufactures maximum string tension it will degrade your strings and frame. It will also be very difficult to make a successful warranty claim.

If you want to hit like a pro you would need to train and play 6 hours a day to build your speed and power. A higher string tension will not do it for you.

We will always show the manufacturer’s maximum string tension within the specification form on the detail page of the product. If you exceed the recommended tension a disclaimer will need to be ticked before you can continue with your purchase.

Accidents do happen, don’t worry. If you purchase a racket from Central Sports and you accidently break it in the first 12 months from purchase, as a gesture of goodwill, you will have the opportunity to replace the racket at a reduced cost, subject to the conditions below.

We will contribute a percentage of your total purchase price. The returned racket will be identified by a unique marker and must match the purchased racket details to qualify. The racket handle must be returned with the racket even if it has come adrift from the shaft.

This offer only applies to rackets purchased from this website, with an invoice date greater than 01/03/15 and listed online with the reference “RRG” (racket return guarantee) against the racket.

Any racket replaced under this scheme will then no longer be covered by the RRG. Rackets purchased at a reduced price, sale, price matching or bonus price items, are excluded from this scheme.

The replacement racket will not be eligible for any free upgrades.

Please note this offer is not for a free of charge replacement

Flex Stiff
Head Shape Isometric
Balance Even
CS Max Stringing Tension 28 lbs
Full length Cover Yes
Country of Origin Taiwan
Launch Date September 2015
Grip Spec 3U G5
Material Type Ultra CNF
String tension Please be mindful, the higher your string tension the quicker your strings will degrade.
Zone First Class Next Day
UK Mainland
Northern Ireland
Isle of Man
Scottish Islands
Channel Islands

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