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The "Vibra Killer 164117" in black/transparent is a vibration dampener designed for tennis racquets. As a widely used accessory among tennis players, vibration dampeners are small devices that are attached to a racquet's stringbed with the primary purpose of reducing string vibrations. This can help in improving feel and comfort during play. Here are some key aspects of the Vibra Killer 164117:


  1. Color and Design: Available in a sleek black and transparent design, offering an aesthetically pleasing look that complements various racquet designs.

  2. Size: Typically, vibration dampeners like the Vibra Killer are one-size-fits-all, designed to fit most standard tennis racquets.

  3. Material: Constructed from a combination of materials that are engineered to absorb and minimize vibrations effectively.

  4. Easy Installation: The dampener is designed for ease of attachment. It is usually placed near the bottom of the racquet's stringbed, just above the throat.


  1. Reduces String Vibrations: Helps in minimizing the vibrations felt through the racquet upon ball impact, which can reduce the risk of tennis elbow and other arm-related discomfort.

  2. Enhances Feel and Comfort: Some players find that using a dampener improves the overall feel of the racquet during play, leading to a more comfortable experience.

  3. Versatile and Universal Fit: Designed to fit a wide range of racquets, making it a versatile accessory for players with different types and brands of racquets.

  4. Style Factor: Adds a subtle style element to the racquet with its sleek design.


  • Installation: Simply insert the dampener between the two central main strings below the last cross string. Ensure it's securely in place before playing.
  • Compatibility: Check if it's compatible with your racquet's string pattern and tension.

Ideal For:

  • Players who experience discomfort or 'pinging' sounds from their racquet strings.
  • Those looking to add a small personal touch to their racquet’s appearance.
  • Players of all levels, from beginners to advanced, who prefer a dampened feel from their strings.

Additional Considerations:

  • Effect on Play: Note that vibration dampeners primarily affect the feel rather than the performance of the racquet.
  • Personal Preference: The perceived benefits can vary greatly among players, depending on individual sensitivity to string vibrations.


The Vibra Killer 164117 is a practical and stylish choice for players looking to reduce the vibration of their tennis racquet strings for increased comfort and a better feel during play. It's an easy-to-use accessory that caters to players of all levels and styles.