Prince Tour 3 Racket Bag
Prince Tour 3 Racket Bag


Prince Tour 3 Racket Bag

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The Prince Tour 3 Racket Bag is a stylish and functional choice for tennis players who need a compact yet spacious bag to carry their equipment. This bag is designed to accommodate up to three racquets, making it an ideal option for practice sessions, matches, or tournaments.

Key Features:

  1. Three-Racket Capacity: Ample space to store up to three tennis racquets, making it suitable for regular players who may need more than one racquet.

  2. Color and Design: The bag features an attractive green color, aligning with Prince's distinctive aesthetic, and is likely to appeal to players who prefer a bag that stands out in terms of style.

  3. Multiple Compartments: Includes a main compartment for racquets and additional pockets for storing accessories, such as grips, strings, and personal items.

  4. Durable Material: Constructed with high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the bag withstands the rigors of regular travel and use.

  5. Comfortable Carry Options: Equipped with padded straps that can be used as a backpack or shoulder strap, providing versatility and comfort during transport.

  6. Protective Padding: The interior is padded to protect racquets and other equipment from damage, especially during travel.

  7. Easy Access: Designed for convenience, allowing easy access to equipment and accessories when needed.


  • Versatility: Suitable for practice, matches, and tournaments, making it a versatile choice for all levels of play.
  • Organization: Helps keep equipment and accessories well-organized and easily accessible.
  • Portability: Easy to carry around, offering comfort and convenience for players who travel to different venues.
  • Protection: Keeps racquets and gear safe and secure, especially during transportation.

Ideal For:

  • Competitive and Recreational Players: Who require a reliable and stylish bag to carry multiple racquets and gear.
  • Regular Players: Who attend frequent practice sessions and matches, needing a durable and functional bag.
  • Players Seeking Convenience: Those who prefer a bag that offers ease of access and organization for their tennis essentials.

Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: Check for the exact dimensions to ensure it fits your specific needs.
  • Additional Storage: Look for any additional features like ventilated compartments for shoes or wet clothes.
  • Warranty: Verify if Prince offers a warranty for this bag model.


The Prince Tour 3 Racket Bag is a well-designed, durable, and stylish option for tennis players who need a compact yet spacious solution for carrying their racquets and gear. Its combination of functionality, comfort, and style makes it a great choice for players of all levels looking for a reliable racket bag from a reputable brand like Prince.