Li-Ning Limited Edition Rock Box Set
Li-Ning Limited Edition Rock Box Set
Li-Ning Limited Edition Rock Box Set


Li-Ning Limited Edition Rock Box Set

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LI-NING Racquet Rock (Shan) Set

Item Code: AYPT065-1

Product Description:

The LI-NING Racquet Rock (Shan) Set is a premium badminton racquet set, meticulously engineered for players who are passionate about their attacking game. It merges high-end material technology with a design focused on delivering powerful and precision-driven performance. This set is a perfect blend of innovation and functionality, tailored to enhance your playing experience.

Key Features:

  • Frame and Shaft Material: The racquet is constructed with MED High Modulus Carbon Fibre, offering superior strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile for agile maneuverability.
  • Weight and Grip Size: Comes in a 4U weight classification and a G5 grip size, providing an optimal balance between lightness and comfortable handling.
  • String Tension: The racquet can be strung at tensions up to 28lbs, allowing players to customize the string bed to suit their playing style and preferences.
  • Dimensions: Standard length of 675mm, suitable for a wide range of players.
  • Flex: The racquet features a soft flex, aiding in generating power, especially in overhead shots and smashes.
  • Balance: Slightly head-heavy balance (302±3mm) offers additional momentum for powerful strokes while maintaining good control.
  • Racquet Type: Designed specifically for an attacking style, ideal for players who prioritize power and aggressive play in their game.

Set Inclusions:

  • Racquet: The LI-NING Rock (Shan) badminton racquet, tailored for power and precision.
  • Racquet Box: A durable and stylish box for safe storage and transportation of the racquet.
  • Grips: Four additional grips are provided, ensuring a comfortable and non-slip grip experience.
  • Racquet Soft Cover: A protective cover to keep the racquet safe from dust and damage when not in active use.

Ideal For:

  • Badminton players with a focus on offensive play and power strokes.
  • Those seeking a high-quality racquet with advanced materials for enhanced game performance.
  • Players who value a complete set with added accessories for convenience and longevity of the racquet.


The LI-NING Racquet Rock (Shan) Set is an excellent choice for badminton enthusiasts who prefer an attacking style of play. The combination of a slightly head-heavy balance and soft flex provides a unique playing experience, empowering players with powerful smashes and fast returns. The inclusion of additional grips and a soft cover makes this set a comprehensive solution for both competitive and recreational players looking to elevate their game with a high-performance racquet.