Babolat Propulse All Court JR TENNIS SHOES 33S20478
Babolat Propulse All Court JR TENNIS SHOES 33S20478
Babolat Propulse All Court JR TENNIS SHOES 33S20478


Babolat Propulse All Court JR TENNIS SHOES 33S20478

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The Babolat Propulse All Court Jr Tennis Shoes are high-performance footwear specially designed for young and budding tennis enthusiasts. They are tailored to meet the needs of junior players who require durability, support, and comfort as they develop their skills on the court. The all-court feature means these shoes are versatile, providing effective performance on all types of court surfaces including clay, hard, and grass.

Key Features:

  1. Junior Specific Design:

    • Specially designed for junior players, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit while accommodating growing feet.
  2. All-Court Compatibility:

    • The outsole is crafted for optimal traction and durability on any court surface, allowing young players to transition between different court types effortlessly.
  3. Durability:

    • Integrated with reinforced areas to withstand the rigorous play of young tennis enthusiasts and to extend the life of the shoe.
  4. Supportive Structure:

    • Offers essential support and stability during lateral movements and quick direction changes, helping to reduce the risk of injuries.
  5. Cushioning and Comfort:

    • Features advanced cushioning technologies to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption, minimizing stress on young feet and joints during play.
  6. Breathable Materials:

    • Incorporates breathable fabrics and ventilation systems to maintain cool and dry conditions inside the shoe, reducing moisture and heat build-up.
  7. Stylish Aesthetics:

    • Available in a variety of colours and designs to appeal to the younger generation while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance on the court.


  • Young and Developing Players:
    • Ideal for young players who are developing their skills and require a shoe that offers a combination of comfort, support, and durability.
  • Versatile Court Play:
    • Suitable for those junior players who play on different court surfaces and need a versatile shoe that can adapt to varying court conditions.
  • Style and Performance:
    • A great choice for young tennis enthusiasts who desire a blend of style and high performance in their tennis footwear.