Babolat B Fly 25 140245
Babolat B Fly 25 140245
Babolat B Fly 25 140245
Babolat B Fly 25 140245


Babolat B Fly 25 140245

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B'Fly 25 Tennis Racquet by Babolat: Designed for the Young, Ambitious, and Fun-loving


The B'Fly 25 tennis racquet is a celebration of young girls embarking on their tennis journey. With its delightful aesthetics and specialised design tailored for the young, it sets the stage for exciting rallies and heartwarming tennis memories.

Features at a Glance:

  1. Stylish and Fun: A racquet specially crafted to appeal to young girls, adding zest to their game.
  2. Tailored Sizes: Available in four versions to cater to different age groups and heights.
  3. Educational Focus: Featuring an educational grip and visual cues, making learning intuitive and fun.
  4. Enhanced Manoeuvrability: Lightweight aluminium construction with larger head size ensures an enjoyable and efficient learning experience.

Detailed Insights:

1. Tailored for Growth: Whether your child is just starting out or has had some time on the court, there's a B'Fly variant for every stage:

  • B'Fly 19: Ideal for the little champs up to 5 years old, height 90-105cm. Weighs a feather-light 175g.
  • B'Fly 21: For the budding stars aged 5 to 7 years, height 105-120cm. Weighing 190g.
  • B'Fly 23: The choice for kids aged 7 to 9 years, height 120-130cm. Weighs 205g.
  • B'Fly 25: Perfect for the mature young players aged 9 and up, height 130-140cm. Weighs 220g.

2. Educational Insights: Babolat understands the initial queries every young player has. To counter the common questions like grip orientation and racquet positioning, the B'Fly 25 comes equipped with a unique educational grip and visual hints, making the learning phase interactive and enjoyable.

3. Designed for Easier Play: The past's heavier and harder-to-use racquets have been replaced. Today, the B'Fly series boasts of lightweight aluminium construction, combined with larger head sizes. This makes tennis not just easier, but also more enjoyable for kids.

Babolat's dedication towards making tennis enjoyable for the young is evident with the B'Fly 25. It's more than just a racquet; it's a trusted companion for every girl looking to make a mark on the tennis court. Join the 6000 coaches worldwide who recommend the B'Fly and let your child's tennis adventure begin!

Elevate your child's tennis journey with the B'Fly 25 by Babolat, a racquet meticulously designed for young girls. Infused with educational aids, lightweight aluminium construction, and an enticing design, the B'Fly 25 promises both fun and functionality on the court. Dive into the world of tennis with confidence and style


Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 220
Length (inches) 25
Composition Aluminium