Babolat B Fly 23 140244
Babolat B Fly 23 140244
Babolat B Fly 23 140244


Babolat B Fly 23 140244

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B'Fly 23 Tennis Racquet by Babolat: Making Tennis Fun & Accessible for Kids


Learning tennis can be a daunting task, especially for kids just starting out. Babolat understands the struggles of young beginners and is here to change the narrative. With the B'Fly 23, Babolat is not just providing a racquet – they're promising an experience that's enjoyable, educative, and most importantly, fun!

Product Highlights:

  1. Colour: An attractive combination of Blue and Yellow, this racquet is sure to catch the eyes of young tennis enthusiasts and make them the star of the court.

  2. Designed for Kids: Babolat, in collaboration with specialist partners, has crafted the B'Fly 23. This racquet is lighter, more maneuverable, and forgiving, ensuring kids find their rhythm in the game quickly and effectively.

  3. Educational Advantage: Babolat has gone the extra mile to infuse the racquet with educational tools. Beginners often grapple with grip orientation and shot-making. To address this, the B'Fly 23 features a teaching grip. Furthermore, a small ball and racquet visual aid imprinted on the frame serve as intuitive reminders for grip adjustment.

  4. Manoeuvrability at its Best: Gone are the days when tennis was too hard for kids. With Babolat's state-of-the-art materials and innovations, the B'Fly 23 is a game-changer. Made of lightweight aluminium and dubbed the "Ballfighter", this racquet boasts a larger head for a more forgiving sweet spot and a grip perfectly sized for young hands. The combination ensures that every shot is powerful, accurate, and more enjoyable.

Why the B'Fly 23?

The journey of learning tennis is filled with ups and downs. But with the B'Fly 23, Babolat ensures more ups than downs. It's not just a racquet; it's a companion for every young tennis player out there, guiding them, supporting them, and ensuring they always have a smashing time on the court.

The B'Fly 23 by Babolat is the answer to every parent's and coach's search for the perfect racquet for young beginners. Meticulously designed with educational aids, lightweight materials, and a catchy colour scheme, this racquet guarantees an enjoyable and effective learning experience. Step up your child's tennis game with the B'Fly 23 - where fun meets functionality

 Tailored for Growth: Whether your child is just starting out or has had some time on the court, there's a B'Fly variant for every stage:

  • B'Fly 19: Ideal for the little champs up to 5 years old, height 90-105cm. Weighs a feather-light 175g.
  • B'Fly 21: For the budding stars aged 5 to 7 years, height 105-120cm. Weighing 190g.
  • B'Fly 23: The choice for kids aged 7 to 9 years, height 120-130cm. Weighs 200g.
  • B'Fly 25: Perfect for the mature young players aged 9 and up, height 130-140cm. Weighs 220g.

Model name B'Fly 23
Player Level Junior / Kids
Player Style All Round
Balance Point (+/- 5mm) 285
Racket Strung? Yes
String Pattern 16x16
Exact Racket Head Size 96 in² / 619 cm²
Material Aluminium
Beam Width (mm) 19-19-19
Weight 198 grams
Overall length 23" / 58.5cm