Racket string warranty.

If a string snaps within the parameter of the frame within the first 4 weeks of purchase we will replace the string one time for free as long as you return the racket to Central Sports at your expense. Any string failure outside the frame can not be replaced free of charge. This is because most breakages are the result of floor contact. To qualify for a free restring, you must return your racket to Central Sports at the above address. The return postal cost is to be borne by the sender. Central Sports will return to you at their cost.

Please be mindful that we will not reimburse to you any costs you may occur from any third party, relating to restringing or racket repairs

Yonex Elite Rackets manufactured in Japan

Unlike some of our competitors, Central Sports will never send you a Yonex racket that is not strung. Every Elite Japanese racket purchased is ready to play with, and in most instances, it will be (BG65Ti) So, there is no need to select a string upgrade unless you wish to personalise with your preferred strings.

Please note

Some of the finer gauge performance strings are more vulnerable to some of the recommended string tensions. And may degrade prematurely. If in doubt, please telephone 02476 455149 Your racket and strings may be at risk of premature failure if you ignore this best advice.

Please note if you exceed the manufactures maximum string tension it will degrade your strings and frame. It will also be very difficult to make a successful warranty claim.

We will always show our recommended maximum string tension within the specification form, on the detail page of the product. If you exceed the recommended tension, a disclaimer will need to be ticked before you can continue with your purchase.

Frame only purchases (no strings fitted)

If you do require a frame only, please note that Central Sports shall not be liable for any damage created by any third-party stringer to the purchased frame.

If you disagree with this statement please do not select the frame only option. Poor stringing technique may damage your racket