About us

Our team has been involved in sourcing, supplying great new products to the specialised racket players for 32 years. To some sports people badminton is about as interesting as watching paint drying outside on a very cold day. However, we at Central Sports get very excited with all thing’s badminton, we do however send our non-playing friends to sleep talking endlessly about the attributes of the game. Still, it’s their loss. You start with 27 hours a week playing badminton, summer holidays at Lilleshall then you meet the wife, in-laws and eventually have children then grandchildren. And now if a game last longer than 27 minutes you stop and pretend your back hurts and then play on the good nature of the opposition and claim a draw. Meet the key team members: Paul Cooper Director (not sure what they call me behind my back) Started Central Sports 32 years ago with Chris. Having just left the FBI as a young recruit, that’s the “future badminton international dream school” I thought it was best I started to earn a living, my only interest in life at the time was badminton although not strictly true, and there were a few distractions along the way. However having taken best advice from my very own disinterested overweight non sporting bank manager all those years ago I decided to disregard every think he just told me in our meeting which lasted about three minutes. “Some things never change” so this is where we are today. And still in the office by seven every working day. Chris: Director Retired from his aviation position whilst very young “we still don’t know why” we think it was to do with his eyesight, he has always thought “out was in and in was out “you know what I mean. Anyway, it’s only what I have heard from the badminton fraternity. Being responsible for the early development of a few international players Chris can still be found around the badminton halls looking for talent.

Jacky Cooper: Company secretary otherwise known as “The Boss” She who knows all. Nothing gets past her “no.... She is quite small” it’s her canny way of finding out exactly how much we have spent on everything from paperclips to boy’s toys. Jacky will always go that extra mile to help somebody with any issues they may have. She does however freak out with our office spiders, so if she cuts you off the telephone you know why. Edward: Attribute Man Edward has a photographic memory when it comes to specs, weights, balance points, materials etc. Although come to think about it I have been informed he does forget the score sometimes when under pressure. Edward has this strange desire to change every component on his car and once informed me it takes at least two days but normally three to clean the outside of his car. Still, we do reap the benefit of his statistical knowledge. He can also locate any product in the warehouse quicker than anyone although he still cannot find the office duster and sweeper. David (Sudo Man) Not quite sure why we call him “sudo” long serving team member and responsible for the remote warehouse and all things stringing, the bloke is mad as a March hair. Andrew (Techno man) he has been called worse things. Andrew speaks a strange language; well at least it is to me. Creates, tweaks and all things binary. So if you enjoy using the website then Andrew can take the credit. If not, he can take the blame. Most of us have a laptop but Andrew has a magic one that does things that ours are not capable of doing. So, if you need help with your own web site, think “pixeltrix” Karen (wonder women) also known as a graphic designer, does the things we can’t, very clever

Central Sports (UK) is a trading name of YC Sports LTD