Predominately a doubles racket the Astrox Range enables players of all abilities to smash at a steeper angle than ever before. This inturn adds extra pressure onto the opposition forcing mistakes thus gaining the upper hand. Developement of new Materials such as Namd has enabled the shaft to emit greater flexibility with a faster snapback unleashing dramatic power. So whether you are spending £50.00 or £150.00 with Astrox you should find yourself with more power than ever before.

Prices from: £50.00 to £195.00


A hard hitting all round racket that brings out best in a players ability, no matter what level. See our 'TESTED' section for our full 'Player Report'


The very latest in racket technology and performance the Nanoflare has reset the bar for others to catch up. Using new materials such as TORAYCA® M40X the NanoFlare range of rackets are Ultralite in the head but still pack a huge punch in the rear court power stakes, something never before achieved.This head light balance also transmits superb feel around the net perfect for net kills and drives. This is a completely new range of rackets and expect the range to grow over the coming months.

Prices from:£55.00 to £180.00


Amazing feel from both rear and front of court allowing the player to hit hard without the tradition 'heavy head'balance. Will suit singles or doubles players and will change many players perspectives on how to increase their own shot production without changing technique. See our 'TESTED' section for our full 'Player Report'


One of the biggest selling ranges of all time from Yonex. By keeping the racket relatively light but making the balance towards the head it creates 'head intertia' and so gives extra punch to the swing speed. This concept is repeated through the range so intermeadiate players as well as more technically advanced players benefit from the extra power of this concept.The Voltric Z Force II which is used by many top International Players has been one of our best selling premium rackets ever.

Prices from: £30.00 to £190.00


Although the technology is several years old it works!! The head balance gives players with a slow arm speed more power that ever before and this is relevant to players of any standard from Club to International. For players who prefer extra tight strings the Voltric DG range is a must with frame tensions allowing upto 35lbs.


Totally unique in the World of Badminton Rackets the Duora has two frame shapes within one racket. The concept sounds complicated but isn't, the 'Backhand' profile is more aerodynamic thus increasing head speed and so power.This is something of the Holy Grail for most Badminton Players and the thought of imroving ones backhand is too good to miss. The forehand profile is rounded so presents a more stable platform for increased accuracy and performance. The range is not cheep but the results are very impresive.

Prices from: £90.00 to £200.00


When tested by us we were genuinely impressed by the performce of the frames particulary on backhand shots and nothing is sacrificed in all round playabilty. As normal with top Yonex frames quality is second to none and well worth the extra cost.

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