About Victor

Since the time Den Li Chen started producing shuttlecocks in Nanjing in 1958, and VICTOR's official registration in China in 1968, the company has gone from strength to strength, continuously supplying our customers with the highest quality products.

And what does a specialist indoor company need to supply its customers with the highest quality products? It needs the most experienced engineers to develop, produce and examine its products. These engineers need to be able to perform at the highest level and have access to the most advanced technical equipment and the most modern machines.

Employing engineers with a wealth of experience and having one of the largest and up-to-date factories worldwide, VICTOR International has all of the above. Furthermore, to achieve such high quality, there has to be rigorous testings of the products performance, not only during the manufacturing process, but also during initial player testing on a wide scale before the products finally leave the factory.

By having over 100 top class athletes playing with VICTOR products, we have access to the best testers in the world. Additionally, VICTOR runs tests and takes in feedback from recreational players of all ages in every one of the 60 countries we supply. All feedback is important and acted on.

Maintaining and continuously improving our products’ excellence, a company has to control quality, not only testing an outgoing product, but also being closely involved in its invention, development, patenting and production: Total Quality Management.

VICTOR Rackets LTD, Nanjing, is ISO 9001 certified and operates one of the largest certified factories worldwide. This certification assures a production-oriented check of quality, meaning that every step of every production is being tested continuously. Utilised materials are tested for tear strength and material fatigue.

Constantly, newer and better resources are being searched for and tested until only the best materials currently available worldwide have been gathered in order to maintain the high quality standards that VICTOR International demands. Both players and machines are putting every new product through a thorough stress test before it ever gets released.

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